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Commented on The Greatest '80s Music Video You've Never Seen
I'm going into cliche overload. There was even the awful keyboard accompaniment....
Commented on Perhaps the Wrong People Are Going to Jail
Why does everybody hate cops? Oh, wait................
Commented on Weekend Caption Competition
The Japanese make everything weird and creepy. Mickey Mouse is no exception....
Commented on LAPD Delivers a Boot to Criminal's Head
It's awesome when bad things happen to criminals....
Commented on And Satan hangs his head in shame
He worships bagels....
Commented on Lost Wired Puzzle
My cat's breath smells like cat food....
Commented on 80's Caption Competition
Guitar Hero for Atari...
Commented on Caption Competition
I wanna hump the tummy....
Commented on Superhero caption competition
Ace and Gary paved the way for the rest of the homosexual superheros....
Commented on It's just like a mini...mall....
Brilliant marketing really. I'm sure he's the first to come to mind when someone thinks of furniture....
Commented on Weekend Caption Competition
Senator Paul Simon circa 1920....
Commented on What or who are The Loyal 77?
Dibs on #13....
Commented on Birthday Caption Competition
I wonder what he would look like in zero gravity......
Commented on Birthday Caption Competition
All of a sudden, I am hankering for soft serve ice cream....
Commented on Caption Competition
I bet his breath really stinks....
Commented on Caption Competition
I bet his breath really stinks....
Commented on Caption This...
I think I sat next to this guy in the bar the other night....
Commented on Holiday Caption Competition III
With the way Mrs. Claus looked in the last caption competition photo, who can blame him?...
Commented on The Seven YBNBY Prizes of Xmas - Day 1
I agree with Courtney, the live election blog was pretty cool....
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