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I left YBNBY because Johnny Wright is a douche bag.
Commented on How was your year?
It was good. Probably an a-...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
Def Leppard....
Commented on Desonesto Sucks Ass
Sack be nimble orange be slick pull the leferty on el chubto flicke...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
Commented on Roll Call
Mine Shafters VI - Cave full of Donkeys....
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
Sheriff, you might as well have called my mother a whore. With all of my anger aside, I would also like to submit, AC/DC. I think one would be foolish to leave them out of the conversation....
Commented on Still Alive?
Did you guys ever play Friday the 13th on the Nintendo? That was some hardcore gaming....
Commented on Still Alive?
Castlevania, I totaly forgot about that. Awesomeness....
Commented on Desonesto Sucks Ass
It was the best definition I could come up with. What else could a wangina be??????...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
Lets talk real metal.... Manowar!...
Commented on Still Alive?
Holy crap Pablo, you are a damn amazing. Great job. As for the A B B A.... Not only have I shamed myself, but I have shamed my family. I'm sorry....
Commented on Desonesto Sucks Ass
Wangina: To tuck one's wang between his legs creating the look of a vagina. Uh, not that I've ever done that. I just heard about it....
Commented on YBNBY Johnny Vs. Desonesto Johnny
He had a somewhat funny post about some dude kneeing someone in the nuts today and ended up morphing into Glen Beck and Fox news. I think he's angry at something. Perhaps he's angry that the Ana Nimus posts give...
Commented on Change the Subject Vs. Desonesto
I bet ya'll a dollar that Ana is a dude, or at one time had a penis....
Commented on YBNBY Baierman Vs. Desonesto Baierman
I do think the post that Baier left about how you aren't an artist or a poet or a musician yada yada was pretty damn profound. I get so damn sick of reading facebook posts of stolen shit. Only to...
Commented on Still Alive?
Oh man. Pablo, you just have to dodge then punch. Dodge then punch. That brings back old memories. How about this code for one million dollars! up up down down left right left right a b b a select start....
Commented on Still Alive?
I hate video games, but some dude at work talked me into playing Quake live. I don't know why, but I like it....
Commented on Roll Call
Commented on Desonesto Sucks Ass
Yeah, Vicky is gone. I still miss Laura. She should come back. Leo, I'm in on this Olympic party. Let's do this thing....
Commented on Desonesto Sucks Ass
Hell yeah. How are my old pals doing? I've gotta agre, Desonesto is a drag. How is everyone? Leo, Pabs, Thomasina? We had some good times back in the day. It's tough to replace all of that. If you guys...
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