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Well, my history begins in the year 12. I was one of the God's favorite angels. Top 5.
One day we were talking about the Old Testament, because He wanted to write a Genesis Redux - The creator's cut. He was not satisfied with the final release that were published.
During this conversation, He looked down and saw Jesus, a teenager, starting riots on the craftsman's school. Guys, he was a natural born leader, you had to see how he could move the crowd of students wherever he wanted, to do whatever he wanted.
God asked me to come down to the earth as a kid too, and become his son's friend. Once he trusted me, my work would consist in calm him down. Guide him to a comfortable life. God was worried about the future He foresaw for His son.
I was successful in his mission, until the day that Jesus realized that he could read my mind. And then he got to know all about the plan.
One day he came to me and asked me to help him. He had plans so big that any blind man could see, but he could manage to hide it from his father.
He wanted to start his own religion, and he needed my help. So, we were sitting by the river and chatting, when he started:
- I'm 33 years old now, you see - he said. - I'm still a virgin, and I have nothing of my own. I have all this people following me and listening to my words of wisdom, hoping that I'm the one who's gonna lead them to the promise land, like that guy Neo, in the future to come.
- Neo who? - I asked.
- Never mind - he replied, - but do as I'm asking you and we're going to start a new religion, which will be spread around the world by the other eleven apostles.
- And me? What will I do then?
- Unfortunately, you'll carry the stigma of being the betrayer, the one who sold me to the enemies. But if you really love me, if you really are my best friend, you'll help me on that.
- But Jesus, I'll be hunted, punished, killed...
- I have all set up in my mind.
- What?
- Look, I want you to give me to the Romans. They will crucify me. I'll have to walk around the whole city carrying my cross, and I'll be buried in a cave, where you'll be hiding, waiting for me. When I'm in the cave, I'll raise from the dead, wear the clothes you'll take there for me, and I'll show myself to the other eleven apoostles, and to some other people. And then they'll know what to do. I'll tell 'em.
- But and about the part I'm killed...
- We'll talk about it, but first, try to figure out what I'm saying. If I die as an elder, like Moses, I'll be only one more in the history. I want my death to be different. I want to leave a mark in the heart of all this people who follow me. They deserve a hope. When they see me, their martyr, raising from the dead, they'll have the hope that following my steps the same can happen to them. - And about me...
- Oh yes, it's all settled. There's a tree outside the town, you'll hang yourself there, I'll show you how to do it safely. Everybody will think you died, than you can go way to this place. - he told me showing a map. - With the money you'll get from the Romans you'll start a fresh new life.
- And after then... I... I don't want to loose you. You're my only friend in the earth. Nobody likes me because I'm always trying to change your mind.
- Don't worry. With this serum I'm giving you - and passed me a bottle - you'll be able to live forever. You can send your spirit from a dying old body to a new born baby's body. For ever, you hear it? FOR EVER!
- But...
- The only thing I ask you, Judas, is that you never, ever write about this conversation we're having. And please, until the year 2000, don't use your powers to change the course of the history, because I've got some plans, you know?
- Okay, pal. I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you too. Despite the fact that all the world will call you betrayer, you'll always be my best friend. You know? BFF!
- Bye Jesus. I have to go now. I'll talk with Pontius Pilatos to arrange your death.
- I'll catch you later. We have the whole future to meet again, Judas, my best friend.

So, you all know what comes next. Crucification. Raise. The Christianism. And I still carry the mark of the betrayal on my name.

But in fact, I'm not bad as they try to paint me. I did it because I loved him. And I could never say no when he asked me these favors. His father has sent me to try to change his mind, to make him live and die like a normal guy. Without troubles. But he loved to be a leader, he always loved the crowd. And he wanted it to last.

Oh, thank you all Thomases! I'm sorry I've been away but I'm really busy these days. A lot of work going way off the due date and few time to finish 'em. I live in São Paulo, some 600 miles...
Commented on Merry Whatever to all...
Happy Holidays to all y'all... And for those faraway in hostile lands, I hope they get home soon. It sucks to be away from your family, especially when it's xmas or whatever is sacred to you and yours......
Commented on Telling Stories
I'm trying to write a bit more, Sheriff. I had a troubled time in the last weeks, and I could barely touch the story. I'm feeling bad, because I had good ideas after the last part I wrote and I'm...
Commented on Telling Stories
I'm trying to write a bit more, Sheriff. I had a troubled time in the last weeks, and I could barely touch the story. I'm feeling bad, because I had good ideas after the last part I wrote and I'm...
Commented on How was your year?
I had a troubled but not completely lost year... In April I got a chance of working with an old friend o'mine, in a very promising loan and credit business, so I quit my job and moved to his town,...
Commented on A pause for a serious subject
It's kind of a geographic problem, E. We have some problems in Sao Paulo too. A few years ago the criminals from the biggest gang here just stopped the city with attacks to banks, police booths and buses, in order...
Commented on A pause for a serious subject
Yeah, I know about your SWAT teams, Sheriff... I've watched their series back when I was a kid and my friends and I always played SWAT--there was always one or two going home with bruises... And nowadays, I've seen them...
Commented on A pause for a serious subject
Thanks guys. And I hope things there work out fine. I'm glad that in the meantime when I was living there, nothing like that happened. Those folks are pissing on their pants right now, because they just can't celebrate yet....
Commented on A pause for a serious subject
Thank Jeebus I don't live there anymore. I lived far from the heat area, but it affects the whole city anyway. Fear spreads like a fart under the blanket......
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Thanks for reading... This Wednesday I'll go in a business trip, and maybe in the first few days I won't have time to write, but I'll try to keep it going in the weekend... Gonna spend a weekend half a...
Posted A pause for a serious subject to YesButNoButYes Forum
You guys may have seen the hell that Rio de Janeiro has been going through these last days. It's nothing new for those who live there--or lived, like I did for two years. It surely hasn't come to an end...
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Day 5 - Afternoon Yesterday I decided to make my great escape. At least I thought I was going to. I thought about waiting a bit more but something in my brain just told me it was now or never....
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Day 3 - Night That just in. As I walked into the kitchen I felt something strange in the air. Like a strong feeling of being watched by someone hidden in the shadows. But there was no shadowy place around....
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He was my supposed dad... now he can be a she... Holy God... How's that for a troubled childhood......
Commented on Telling Stories
I think that the less we know about Thomas, the better. This mysterious aura over his true identity is part of his puzzling identity....
Commented on Telling Stories
That was a discussion we had long long ago in the forums. Now that's interesting... having three Thomases around makes us think about how will his comment be linked to the new alter egos... That could make a good "guess...
Commented on Telling Stories
Uh, Tomas' story starts on his post 'rihab' and continues on the specific topic... I've upped them so I could remember working on it....
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Day 2 – night I have just realized that I have no recollection from the days previous to yesterday. That’s just so strange. I spent these two days in here, trying to get to know the surroundings and to find...
Commented on rihab
Yeah, I found the post where Thomas' trip to Brasil started......
Commented on Tommy Boy to Brazil Has Gone
I started it a long time ago... lemme try and find the first part so I can post here...
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