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Commented on Would Santa Approve?
Ow! My eyes. Is that thing removable?...
Commented on Product naming genius (or not)
The rimming sugar reminds me of a blog post I read recently poking fun at ass bleaching cream, which I'm sure you can imagine opens up a can of questions you'd rather not consider. I'm fairly certain the sugar product...
Commented on Bacon Rice Krispies Treats
Orgasmic! But then I really love bacon, so no guarantees....
Commented on The Running of the Idiots in Pamplona
Yay! Go bulls. The dude on the left horn even wore his Nike's. Seems like it's the bull that's 'just doing it'. Good fun....
Commented on Making Girls Sick Since 2005
Awww thanks! The hurl was so worth the astronomical traffic I enjoyed from your gracious link today. It was almost orgasmic for me, seriously. I'm new to all these blogging shenanigans and working hard to harvest eyeballs. So, yeah, kind...
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