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This is Thomas. He is a special young man. He has never had any formal schooling but is bright and energetic. Thomas and I have been reading yesbutnobutyes for about 4 months. It has been an entertaining way for him to work on his english, reading, and writing skills. Tommy can be a bit impatient at times but for the most part is fun loving and just want's new friends. Please be kind to him and encourage him to be a better person. He really loves the people in this site and talks about you more than you know. Thank you. Claire Bachman. (Tommy's sister)
Aye Leo. It's good to hear that you are safe....
Posted LEONARDO ARE YOU OK? to YesButNoButYes Forum
With the recent floods in Brasil, We (Thomas, Thomas,and Thomasina) were discussing and wondering about your welfare. Hope all is well Leo! Everyone pray for Leo!...
Commented on Telling Stories
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep us entertained....
Commented on Telling Stories
Excellent Leo. Thanks for the entertainment....
Commented on A pause for a serious subject
I read about that a couple of days ago and thought about you. I'm with you. Kill now ask questions later....
Commented on Telling Stories
I'll show you troubled.... Finish the damn story. You are pissing me off....
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Dave's alter-ego? Hmmmm. Dave leaves blogosphere around October and doesn't surface until the end of the year. You forget his annual hunting retreat from all things electronic. Hint: Thomas #1 Thomas #2 Thomas #3 Thomas nice Thomas mean and nasty...
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WTF LEo? Give me herion and then walk away. I need more!...
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Great story so far Leo. I think you have a gift that you need to keep using. I find myself kind of relaxing and being part of the story. This is really good. Thanks for sharing....
Commented on Have you ever watched anyone die?
Wow Pablo! That was a great story. Not great for the Iraqi but holy mother of Saddam! Did the turret have a 50 cal on top? That's crazy shit. Can't wait for the next story. Was there kind of a...
Commented on Have you ever watched anyone die?
Dang Leo, that's messed up. On a side note; I really like how you tell stories. You should be a writer....
Commented on Have you ever watched anyone die?
Evangeline, What do you think your sister will be reincarnated as?...
Posted Have you ever watched anyone die? to YesButNoButYes Forum
On to a serious subject. I've been thinking of death lately.. Have you ever watched someone die? Do you believe in an afterlife or is this just it. Please Share....
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
They are funny. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that there are a lot of Brasilians that really like U.S. Metal, even though they might not understand it. It seems to me that Massacration Takes metal and mixes...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
E, I think it was originally Massecretion. So, not so cool originally. Leo, are you a fan? They may have started as a parody..But they finished off METAL! Thats the power of METAL! WOWWWWWWWWWWW!...
Commented on Roll Call
hahahahahahaha ya shi did hahahahahahahahaahaaha wate yoo cnt bolw a gril?????????????????????????????????????????????...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
I was kind of kidding about Tuatha de Danann (Sorry a dude playing a flute isn't metal.) But I never kid about my love for MASSACRATION! THE GREATEST METAL BAND OF ALL TIME! THE BEGINNING OF METAL AS WE KNOW...
Commented on Greatest Band of all Tyme
So I guess we can all agree that though the Brittanals have produced a few ok artists, they are a far cry from the great U.S., because we gave the world Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Kenny Rogers. USA! USA! USA!...
Commented on Roll Call
Mine Shafters 20: Ace Carvalho, Cock Detective....
Commented on Roll Call
Mine shafters XVII - Humm(Leo) and Hummer(Pablo)...
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